Exciting News: My Upcoming Book "The Digital Marketer’s Playbook" is about to launch

I am thrilled to share some exciting news about my forthcoming book "The Digital Marketer’s Playbook: How to Effectively Collaborate with Agencies, Freelancers, and Digital Marketing Experts," to be published by Apress (Springer-Nature). The book is targeted for release by the end of Q3 or Q4 2024. That's this year!

If you've followed my blog, you might recall that I initially conceived this project as a short book. My idea was to write a practical guide with the main topics related to digital marketing. It has now evolved into a comprehensive resource. Designed for professionals grounded in marketing or business and for those particularly interested in the field, it guides readers through the complexities of digital marketing, emphasizing effective collaboration with various partners. I think the title of the book is also self-explanatory. 😁

The Journey and Collaboration

The book has evolved significantly over the past few months. My first post about it marked the beginning of this journey. Since then, ten months later, I've moved away from the idea of self-publishing for this project, choosing instead to sign to go with traditional publishing. This decision came after discussing the book proposal with Shivangi Ramachandran, an Apress Senior Editor (Acquisitions), which ended with me signin with Apress (Springer-Nature).

Partnering with them and working closely with Shiva and Sowmya Thodur (Production Editor), brought about substantial changes. After signing, I received a lot of guidelines regarding the structure how the book, which made me realize that the chapters were more that just a compilation of important points and I had to elaborate on them. These changes quickly expanded the book into a comprehensive 250+ page resource. That structured approach to writing required me to rethink and rewrite many sections of the book.

Throughout this journey, I have dedicated countless hours refining the content, often late into the night. My amazing wife’s patience has been invaluable, and I cannot thank her enough for her support. Throughout the entire process, she also served as a thoughtful partner, sharing her insights and candid comments.

Additionally, the Unperfekthaus in Essen provided a perfect environment with their focus room and endless coffee, where I spent nearly three days a week until closing time last month to finish the manuscript.

I also have to thank my colleagues at MEHRKANAL, especially Miri and Mario, for enduring my questions and serving as sparring partners on several book topics. They often heard me talk about the book, perhaps more than they would have liked. Victor and Eva, who gave me detailed feedback on the first version of the Table of Content. Damian, Tom, Holger, Christian also listened to my thoughts on the book and gave their feedback. There are many others whose names escape my memory, as it's again late into the night.

Although many of them saw this as just another item on my never ending list of personal projects, I'm thrilled it has become a reality. 😎

I wrapped up the manuscript in early June, fueled by an impressive coffee intake—seriously, about 4-6 cups per session! Thanks to the patience of many, it's now in the capable hands of the Apress team for review. Can't wait to share it with you soon!

A quick preface before diving into the details

This project has not only deepened my grasp of familiar topics; it has also allowed me to enrich the manuscript with innovative content driven by the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing.

Some chapters turned out shorter than anticipated, while others demanded more detail. I focused on keeping the content both core and practical, but ultimately, you'll be the judge of that.

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks of the book! I am excited to share this resource with those of you eager to master digital marketing.

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What will you learn by reading the book?

This book is my effort to provide you an all-inclusive resource to enhance your understanding of digital marketing and equip you with the skills and knowledge to work effectively with various partners in the field.

My goal throughout its pages is to provide you with everything you need to communicate your requirements to your partners, understand what they do and ask the right questions when you need to. I define digital marketing as a process, and that's also how the book is structured.

Within its pages, I guide you through the foundational concepts of digital marketing. You'll grasp what digital marketing is, familiarize yourself with crucial terms like digital assets, advertising channels, and customer awareness, and learn to distinguish between walled gardens and the open internet. This knowledge will be essential for discussing your goals and your campaigns implementations with your partners. I also describe the landscape of taxes and laws regarding digital marketing and how it can impact your digital marketing efforts.

As you dive deeper, I'll show you how to set up and structure digital marketing campaigns effectively. You'll understand bid strategies, ad quality, and the importance of placements and inventory. We'll explore various campaign types and their significance, focusing on how to craft a briefing to get impactful creatives, messages, and copy to achieve marketing success and align your digital marketing initiatives with your business goals.

Finally, I offer practical examples tailored to various company types, detailing key factors to consider based on company size, resources, and business structure. I also share my perspective on using artificial intelligence in digital marketing, discussing both its benefits and risks. Additionally, I provide an overview of social media and its role in digital marketing.

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