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This is a work in progress and subject to change

I found a great book about writing useful (practical) technical books called Write Useful Books by Rob Fitzpatrick and I found the premise fascinating.

The book itself is like a long FAQ, which makes it easier to read (and I love FAQs).

I always wanted to write a book about marketing, and in the last few years I realized that a practical book on digital marketing for those who work with experts might be interesting. There are many who dont want to become an expert in digital marketing. Learning about Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Contextual Ads, Landing pages and so on is not fast nor easy. But many have to deal with those topics on a daily basis and need to know what to ask, what to control and how to use the information realted to those initiatives. Thus this book. I’m using "Write Useful Books" as a guide to write Practical Digital Marketing (of course, the name can still change).

There is a lot of useful information in Fitzpatrick’s book, but the parts that helped me the most were those regarding the structure and scope of the book.

Digital Marketing Playbook: the structure and scope

Here is what Practical Digital Marketing is all about, who is it for and who should not read it.

The book presents a framework to understand digital marketing, as well as a definition. I treat and understand digital marketing as a process. Besides fundamentals, the content is divided in the practical stages of a digital marketing campaign: CREATION, EXECUTION and ANALYSIS. There are examples, ready-to-use templates and short explanations of the main concepts (and a bit more).


The book should deliver you the following:

What you should know about digital marketing and digital marketing campaigns to be able to talk with digital marketing specialists (freelancers, agencies, experts, etc.), brief them on what you need and evaluate if what they are doing makes sense.

Book description

The book has 6 parts:

  • Part I: Digital marketing fundamentals: Digital marketing has a lot of concepts, definitions and stuff you should know if you want to discuss with an expert. Just use this section as a reference if you don’t feel like reading it now.

  • Part II: Part II: CREATION | Pre-campaign preparation | Preparing before starting a digital marketing campaign: important tasks and strategies to complete beforehand.

  • Part III: EXECUTION | During-Campaign Management | Managing Your Campaign as It Runs: Tips for Monitoring and Improving Your Marketing Efforts in Real Time


  • Part V: Recommendations

  • Part VI: Social media and social networks


Who is the perfect reader for this book

You already have experience in marketing and know why marketing campaigns are needed. You already have implemented marketing campaigns and have worked with specialist and received reports, but now you need to dive into digital marketing, understand it’s particularities and know what to ask for and what to expect from specialists.

With this book you will:

  • Get the basic concepts and wording (jargon) used in the industry (personas, target group, bids, keywords, etc)

  • Understand and have a high-level overview of how a digital marketing campaign works (across providers, not provider-specific)

  • Understand what is and how does the targeting and general settings for a digital marketing campaign work

  • Understand the difference between campaigns for small companies and big companies (ex. by geographic areas) and between companies with and without decentralized structures (a company which owns each of their stores/ locations vs a company with many distributors/ partners)

What this book is not about:

  • you will not become a digital marketing expert after reading this book

  • You will not gain highly technical knowledge regarding digital marketing

  • You will not get a step-by-step guide to create a campaign

  • you will not get a provider-specific guide.

  • You will not get specific tool recommendations (although a list is maintained with related tools ➡️❓is this interesting)

Who should read this book

  • People who are busy with marketing topics and has providers or specialists who do the technical work

  • People who work with agencies and marketing professionals and should brief them regarding campaigns

  • People who receive digital campaign results and should take decisions with that data

  • People who are responsible of marketing departments and have to implement digital marketing because they were told to do so or because they think doing so is important.

Who should not read this book

  • people looking for a step-by-step guide

  • Probably this who are already digital marketing experts

  • People looking for highly technical knowledge

  • People who need a provider-specific guide (such as an in-depth Google ads or Facebook ads guide)

The table of content is really long and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to have it here. I’m preparing everything for my beta readers to start giving feedback and, when the book is ready, I’ll publish it here.

Do you find this interesting, have any questions or would like to beta read?


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