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Updated August 17th, 2023 from my home in Essen, Germany.It is a weird Summer here.

Current projects (overview)

I am currently (slowly) working on:

  • Lifelog: my approach to Journaling and Quantified-Self. A Django-based Platform where you can add, list and remove entries from one or more Journals. The entries are from several types and the main UI is a Telegram Bot. You "chat" with the bot and it saves the information for later processing using spacy or NLTK. Running on, docker, Django, postgres and Telegram. Expect more news soon.
  • A new book: "The Digital Marketer’s Playbook: Basic Skills for Working with Agencies, Freelancers, and Experts", which, if everything goes like planned, should be available later this year. (2023). This book is also related to LitFeedback (you can read a bit more below)

Some more details

Books I am working on

I wrote the book La destrucción de la razón a few years ago and I am now writing a practical book on digital marketing tentatively titled "DIGITAL MARKETING PLAYBOOK" or "The Digital Marketer’s Playbook: Basic Skills for Working with Agencies, Freelancers, and Experts". I've been working forever in Zen Stories, but I expect to be live this year.

What am I developing

I developed LitFeedback to get feedback for my book on Digital Marketing. I researched a lot and decided that the tool I needed/ wanted was not there yet, mainly because I am writing the book in AsciiDoc format and I did not want to have the need to convert it each time.

What am I writing about

I've been writing on this site regularly, mostly technical FAQs. I also cross-post to Medium, sometimes and LinkedIn

Because of several things I've been learning a lot about Epilepsy


Besides cross-posting, I am not that active in social media. I've been curious about the Fediverse and how it works, so I've started to use the decentralized mastodon server under @[email protected].


I got a facial paralysis and that got me into reflecting what is important and what not so much. I expect to publish some of my ideas and essays on life later this year.

I realized that reading the experiences, ideas and reflections of others has helped me enormously to reflect and grow as a person (e.g. Leo Babauta's early writings in Zen Habits, James Clear 3-2-1 Newsletter or the early writings on FS). Perhaps some of what I write will help others in a similar way.

I also realized there are some who like to read what I write, but are not that versed in technology to use RSS Feeds and so on. In an effort to get out of my comfort-zone I created a Telegram Channel where I post updates on my writing and projects. You are welcome to join here :)