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Updated June 28th, 2024 from my home in Essen, Germany.It is a weird Summer here.

Current projects (overview)

My book proposal for "The Digital Marketer’s Playbook" got accepted by Apress (Springer-Nature) in January 2024, and I send the completed manuscript in early June 2024. It should get published in Q3-Q4 2024!

You can check the announcement here: Exciting News: My Upcoming Book "The Digital Marketer’s Playbook" is about to launch

One big change from the last update is that it will be traditionally published instead of self-published.

Besides that, I am currently working on:

  • Lifelog: my approach to Journaling and Quantified-Self. A Django-based Platform where you can add, list and remove entries from one or more Journals. The entries are from several types and the main UI is a Telegram Bot. You "chat" with the bot, and it saves the information for later processing using spacy or NLTK. Running on, docker, Django, postgres and Telegram. Expect more news soon.
  • The translation of my first novel La destrucción de la razón to German and English. I got beta readers who kindly made corrections to my translations, but it will take more time than I initially thought.

Some more details

Books I am working on

I've also been working forever in Zen Stories, but I expect to be live this year.

What am I developing

I developed LitFeedback to get feedback for my book on Digital Marketing. I researched a lot and decided that the tool I needed/ wanted was not there yet, mainly because I am writing the book in AsciiDoc format and I did not want to have the need to convert it each time.

Lately I´ve been using this site more, and I´ve developed some plugins and shortcodes for Nikola (the static site generator that powers this site). Some of them are a GitHub Widget, some shortcodes and a full-text search. You can find my nikola-related posts here: link://tag/nikola

What am I writing about

I've been writing on this site regularly, mostly technical FAQs. I also cross-post sometimes to Medium, sometimes and LinkedIn

Because of several things I've been learning a lot about Epilepsy and I´m thinking on sharing what I´ve found, although I have not yet found the right way to do that.


Besides cross-posting, I am not that active in social media. I've been curious about the Fediverse and how it works, so I've started to use the decentralized mastodon server under @[email protected].


I got a facial paralysis lat year and that got me into reflecting what is important and what not so much. I expect to publish some of my ideas and essays on life later this year. Although I have tried to go slowly, it not that easy (I was told publishing a book is not part of that)

I realized that reading the experiences, ideas and reflections of others has helped me enormously to reflect and grow as a person (e.g. Leo Babauta's early writings in Zen Habits, James Clear 3-2-1 Newsletter or the early writings on FS). Perhaps some of what I write will help others in a similar way.

I also realized there are some who like to read what I write, but are not that versed in technology to use RSS Feeds and so on. In an effort to get out of my comfort-zone I created a Telegram Channel where I post updates on my writing and projects. You are welcome to join here :)