How to install Linux Mint's webapp-manager on Ubuntu/ Kubuntu 22.04


Install Linux Mint's WebApp Manager on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 22.04 by downloading the .deb file and using wget and apt commands. This guide provides a quick and easy method for installation, suitable for KDE Plasma 5, KDE Plasma 6, GNOME, and more.


Linux Mint's WebApp Manager allows users to create web apps that feel like native applications on their desktop (They get their own icon, menu entry and isolated browser profile, and you can select which browser to use). This guide focuses on installing it on Ubuntu, Kubuntu and KDE Neon based on 22.04, avoiding the complexities and potential issues of adding Linux Mint's repositories directly.

I love Linux Mint but the last few months I migrated to KDE Plasma as Desktop environment. This meant (of course) testing new distros to check if there was any distro with better Plasma integration (it does not come with Linux Mint by default).

After changing distros, I really missed the Webapp Manager from Linux Mint, thus this guide.

Why This Method?

While some sources suggest adding Linux Mint's repositories to install the WebApp Manager, this method can be problematic. Linux Mint is a standalone distro, built on Ubuntu or Debian (depending on the version). Adding its repositories directly to Ubuntu or Kubuntu without proper configuration (for example, setting sources prios) can lead to package conflicts and system instability. By downloading and installing the .deb file directly, we bypass these issues. However, it's important to note that this method doesn't provide automatic updates for the WebApp Manager.

Steps to Install

All in one

cd ~/Downloads
sudo apt  install ./webapp-manager_1.1.5_all.deb
sudo apt install -f  # in some cases there are missing packages and this will install those.

Or step by step

1. Open Terminal and Navigate to Downloads Directory:

cd ~/Downloads

2. Download the .deb Package

Use the wget command to download the latest version of the WebApp Manager.


3. Install the Downloaded Package

Use apt install command to install the package.

sudo apt install ./webapp-manager_1.1.5_all.deb

4. Resolve Dependencies

If there are missing packages, use the following command to install them.

sudo apt install -f

5. Launch WebApp Manager

Search for 'Web Apps' in your desktop environment's menu to start using the WebApp Manager.


This should work on almost any Debian/ Ubuntu based distro, but I tested on Linux Mint with Plasma 5, KDE Neon with Plasma 6.


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