How to change the Screen Resolution of a Guest-OS (Ubuntu) in Hyper-V with PowerShell on Windows 11


To change the screen resolution of a VM in Hyper-V, use PowerShell. The command requires the VM name and the desired resolution.


Unlike in VirtualBox, in Hyper-V I could not find a GUI option to change the screen resolution directly. Instead, I had to use PowerShell to adjust the display settings of your virtual machine.


  1. Identify the VM Name

Find the name of your VM in Hyper-V Manager. (Search for Hyper-V Manager in the start menu to access it)

Hyper-V Manager VM Name

  1. Open PowerShell

Open a PowerShell terminal on your host machine.

  1. Execute the Command

Use the following PowerShell command, replacing "Ubuntu 22.04 LTS2" with your VM's name and adjusting the resolution as needed:

Set-VMVideo -VMName "Ubuntu 22.04 LTS2" -HorizontalResolution 1920 -VerticalResolution 1080 -ResolutionType Single
  • HorizontalResolution: The width of the screen in pixels (e.g., 1920).
  • VerticalResolution: The height of the screen in pixels (e.g., 1080).
  • ResolutionType: Set to Single for a single monitor setup.



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