I have experience as a founder and manager (including operations) in the following industries: IT, Intellectual Property, Smart Labels, Education, Marketing and Business Consulting, Design and Brand development, Investment and Printing.

I am a Generalist when it comes to Startups, developing new projects and solving problems, and I am able to tackle problems and challenges in many areas.

I am a Specialist in Marketing and IT applied to business and I have knowledge in IT, business and marketing, which allows me to have a more holistic approach to challenges.

In 2019 I moved to Germany and started working as a developer (php and python) for MEHRKANAL, where we develop awesome systems with a great team. Our main product is the Marketing Suite, which enables descentralized companies with many dealers to manage their marketing efforts in a structured and controlled approach, as well as centralized companies in need of localized marketing, all supported with our related services. Since 2021 I am in charge of technically developing the digital area, automating digital marketing campaigns and improving our services regarding Google Ads and Facebook Ads, while bein part of MKLabs (MEHRKANAL Innovation Lab).

I am always learning and I have found enough courses for a couple of years.

Some Milestones

  • 2021 Moved to a Technical Lead Digital Strategy role at MEHRKANAL

  • 2019 Moved to Germany as a Developer at MEHRKANAL

  • 2019 IBM Data Science Professional Certificate at Coursera by IBM

  • 2018 Freelance Marketing, IT and Business Consultant

  • 2016 -2018 Co-Founder @ a digital printing house and graphic solutions

  • 2015 – 2018 Co-Founder @ a citizen education and training company for state institutions

  • 2014 Innovation Champion @ Sri’s Five Disciplines Of Innovation

  • 2013 -2017 Founder @ TBAND SpA (Smart labels research and development company)

  • 2012 -2018 Founder @ a Business and Marketing Consulting company doing Branding.

  • 2010 Master in Marketing

  • 2010 Bachelor of Economics and Administrative Sciences


You can check my dev stack in stackshare, almost all running on Docker containers with the code tracked in GitLab or GitHub.

I mainly use Python + Django for data projects (and personal projects) and PHP + Laminas for work. I love PyCharm Pro and PHPStorm running on my MacBook Pro, although I sometimes use VSCode.

Data Science

I love pandas, folium, matplotlib, seaborn, numpy and sklearn.

I use Torus locally on my MacBook Pro (Docker + coockiecutter + Jupyter Notebooks) and IBM Cloud Data Platform when I need something more advanced. [2020] I now use custom docker-compose files for development and production

I also use local and remote servers running Linux, and access them remotely for long processes using ssh + screen (and ohmyzsh).

Website Builder

I have experience building websites using Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, managing Linode’s, Hertzner's and Digital Ocean’s VPSs. I use an iPhone, iPad, and old Tochiba Laptop, MacBook Pro and a Ryzen 7 desktop computer, depending on the task, but can also use most flavors of Linux and Windows. I enjoy the (local and remote) administration of Debian-based servers for personal and professional projects.


I’m currently working on several book projects (these take time). You can read about the almost finished ones here.

I use Scrivener and Reedsy Ulysses and Markdown as tools for long-writing and Ulysses and WordPress for my blog. ProWritingAid LanguageTool helps me check if I can improve my text and acts as a proofreader (and works in several languages).


I love to read and learn new stuff (in almost every area, but mainly in tech, marketing and business).

For courses, I love Coursera and own a Coursera Plus subscription, and sometimes I also get some knowledge from Udemy, FutureLearn and others.

Among the courses I have managed to finish are:


  • Marketing Analytics (Achieved Jun 17 2020)

  • Search Advertising (Achieved Oct 22 2020)

  • Introduction to the Digital Advertising Landscape (Achieved Sep 23 2020)

  • Applied Data Science Capstone (Achieved Feb 22 2019)

  • What is Data Science? (Achieved Jan 29 2019)

  • Machine Learning with Python (Achieved Feb 11 2019)

  • Data Visualization with Python (Achieved Feb 04 2019)

  • Databases and SQL for Data Science (Achieved Feb 01 2019)

  • Python for Data Science and AI (Achieved Jan 31 2019)

  • Data Science Methodology (Achieved Jan 30 2019)

  • Tools for Data Science (Achieved Jan 30 2019)

  • Data Analysis with Python (Achieved Jan 29 2019)


  • Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

  • Digital Skills: Web Analytics