Experience as a founder and manager (including operations) in the following industries: IT, Intellectual Property, Smart Labels, Education, Marketing and Business Consulting, Design and Brand development, Investment and Printing. Generalist when it comes to Startups and new projects, able to tackle problems and challenges in every area.

Specialist in Marketing and IT applied to business. Excellent intercultural competence and very good communication skills. Advanced knowledge in IT, business and marketing, allowing me to have a more holistic approach to work challenges.

Some Milestones

  • 2019 Moved to Germany as a Developer for MEHRKANAL
  • 2019 IBM Data Science Professional Certificate at Coursera by IBM
  • 2018 Freelance Marketing, IT and Business Consultant
  • 2016 -2018 Co-Founder @ a digital printing house and graphic solutions
  • 2015 – 2018 Co-Founder @ a citizen education and training company for state institutions
  • 2014 Innovation Champion @ Sri’s Five Disciplines Of Innovation
  • 2013 -2017 Founder @ TBAND SpA (Smart labels research and development company)
  • 2012 -2018 Founder @ a Business and Marketing Consulting company doing Branding.
  • 2010 Master in Marketing
  • 2010 Bachelor of Economics and Administrative Sciences


You can check my dev stack in stackshare, almost all running on Docker containers with the code tracked in GitLab or GitHub.

I mainly use Python + Django for data projects (and personal projects) and PHP + Laminas for work. I love PyCharm Pro and PHPStorm running on my MacBook Pro, although I sometimes use VSCode.

Data Science

I love pandas, folium, matplotlib, seaborn, numpy and sklearn. I use Torus locally on my maMacbook Pro (Docker + coockiecutter + Jupyter Notebooks) and IBM Cloud Data Platform when I need something more advanced. [2020] I now use custom docker-compose files for development and production

I also use local and remote servers running Linux, and access them remotely for long processes using ssh + screen (and ohmyzsh).

Website Builder

I have experience building websites using Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, managing Linode’s and Digital Ocean’s VPSs. I use a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air, depending on the task, but can also use most flavors of Linux and Windows. I enjoy the (local and remote) administration of Debian-based servers for personal and professional projects.


I’m currently working on several book projects (these take time). You can read about the almost finished ones here.

I use Scrivener and Reedsy Ulysses and Markdown as tools for long-writing and Ulysses and WordPress for my blog. ProWritingAid LanguageTool helps me check if I can improve my text and acts as a proofreader (and works in several languages).


I love to read and learn new stuff (in almost every area, but mainly in tech, marketing and business).

For courses, I love Coursera and own a Coursera Plus subscription, and sometimes I also get some knowledge from Udemy, FutureLearn and others.

Among the courses I have managed to finish are:


  • Marketing Analytics (Achieved Jun 17 2020)
  • Search Advertising (Achieved Oct 22 2020)
  • Introduction to the Digital Advertising Landscape (Achieved Sep 23 2020)
  • Applied Data Science Capstone (Achieved Feb 22 2019)
  • What is Data Science? (Achieved Jan 29 2019)
  • Machine Learning with Python (Achieved Feb 11 2019)
  • Data Visualization with Python (Achieved Feb 04 2019)
  • Databases and SQL for Data Science (Achieved Feb 01 2019)
  • Python for Data Science and AI (Achieved Jan 31 2019)
  • Data Science Methodology (Achieved Jan 30 2019)
  • Tools for Data Science (Achieved Jan 30 2019)
  • Data Analysis with Python (Achieved Jan 29 2019)


  • Digital Skills: Digital Marketing
  • Digital Skills: Web Analitycs

Any ideas or a new challenge I could be interested in ? Just send me a message.

    Update log

    • 2020-11-28- Update Dev Stack and Tools, added new Milestones
    • 2018-12-26 – First published